Accounting, Tax, Audit Arrangement

We have more than 25 years of accounting and taxation experience, including accounting, corporate tax return, audit arrangement, financial reporting, etc.. We are familiar with the whole system processing and details. We have a team of professional accountants and tax experts.

Clients do not need to present physically during the whole process. It is convenient and time-saving.
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Year of 2023/24, 2022/23 and all previous years

Profits Tax Returns

Company must file Tax Return on time, to avoid late penalty imposed by Inland Revenue Department.

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Accounting, Tax, Audit Arrangement Services

-Handled by Our Tax Professionals
-Preparation and timely filing of Company Profits Tax Returns and Individual Tax Returns

-Audit Arrangement. Arrange Independent Professional Auditors (CPAs) to audit and sign and issue Auditor’s Reports
-Corporate Profits Tax

-Profits Tax Computation

-Apply Tax Exemption, Deduction, Allowance from Tax Department to save your tax expense legally

-Accounting Professionals provide bookkeeping and financial statements preparation

-Employer’s Return of Remuneration and Pensions

-Property Tax Reporting(Income from Rental Properties)
-Individual Income Tax
-Click to download the Audit Sources List that corporate clients need to provide us

Accounting and Bookkeeping Services

-Handled by Our Professional Accountants
-Prepare Accounting Reports by month, by season, by year
-Prepare Financial Statements, including Income Statements (Profits and Loss Account), Statement of Financial Position (Balance Sheet), Cash Flow Statement, Bank Reconciliation, Group Consolidated Report, etc.
-Click to download the Accounting Sources List that corporate clients need to provide us

Tax Planning

-Handled by Our Senior Tax Experts
-Tailormade Tax Planning for specific Corporate cases and personal cases
-Tax Exemption, Allowance and Deduction
-Offshore Income Claiming
-Advance Ruling
-Reply Tax Inquiry from the Government
-Appeal for particular Tax matters and Arrange Negotiation

Accounting Taxation Audit Arrangement Service fees:

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Annual Audit Arrangement and Taxation Services (USD 389)
(Handling by Professional Independent Auditor)

– Auditing Arrangement and Reporting
– Profits Tax Computation
– Preparation and Submission of Profits Tax Return

Annual Accounting Services (USD 65, if necessary)

– Financial Statements
– Profit and Loss accounts / Income Statement
– Balance Sheet / Statement of Financial Position

And you may please provide Information per below List of Requirement for our further processing:

– the Accounting Sources List that corporate clients need to provide us
– the Audit Sources List that corporate clients need to provide us

Quotation may vary according to individual client circumstances (assessed by our accountant);
Final offer and acceptance by client is required for services processing.

Accounting, Audit Arrangement, Tax Reporting

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