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Vision – to be the Lowest Price and the Most Professional Firm!

We are a member of the well-known Info Pacific Group in Hong Kong. Since the 1990s, our professional team has provided our clients with competitive Hong Kong and global accounting, tax filing, audit arrangements, tax planning, tax investigation, employer reporting, company registration, company secretary, registered address, company annual return, bank opening, trademark application, change of company particulars (transfer of shares, change of company name, change of directors, change of address, etc.), company cancellation, certifying documents, legal notarization documents, business consultants and all other kinds of business professional services.

Our clients range from start-ups, small and medium-sized enterprises, large and multinational conglomerates, in a variety of business sectors and in different regions of the world. We are very much looking forward to you to become our client, to provide you with professional services, hand in hand cooperation.

Our team consists of experienced professional accountants, tax experts and information technology professionals. We are familiar with the business and the market, and constantly strive to provide fast, professional and high quality services at the lowest charges.

In most cases, we can save our clients’ 20-30% expense on related professional fee – in some cases, more than 80% – not only because we endeavor to charge the lowest prices in the world, but also because we continue to invest in developing technology and expertise that saves time and costs!

Commitment of Pursuing the Lowest Price

Our professional team always keeps close to the market and strives to break through the lowest price in the city.

If you find any price of our peers lower than ours, please inform us and we will follow up immediately, thank you!

Why are we the best choice for you?

  • Put all effort to file tax returns on time for clients and reduce the chances of penalty for failure to file tax returns before government deadlines.
  • Minimizes the risk of clients being fined by the government for overdue financial reports and company annual returns.
  • Eliminate the risk of clients’ late reporting and missing reporting.
  • Avoid legal non-compliance by clients who do not have a professional tax representative or licensed secretary to maintain the company.
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Highly Appreciated by our Clients

I was introduced to you by a friend to do company accounting and tax reporting. Your quotation is really very favorable, help us save a lot of money. Your service is also better than our previous accountant’s, so professional and efficient. I’ll introduce other friends to you for tax filings.

Mr. Cheung – SME Senior executive

We formed the company by using your services. We have compared many different firms online before, your prices are really very low. And you helped us to plan the tax matter professionally. The registration documents are proper and complete, that made our bank account opening easy and fast. And you are now handling our bookkeeping.

J. Wong – Company Partner

Contact Us

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Info Pacific Consultants Limited

A Member of Info Pacific Group in Hong Kong

Our professional team always strives to charge in the lowest price. If you find any price of our peers lower than ours, please inform us. Thank you!

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Company Address: Unit 6, 11/F., Prosperity Place, 6 Shing Yip Street, Kwun Tong, Hong Kong